ric websiteHello, Ric here from "funny" Philippines. Once an IT Lecturer and Aquaculturist, I dabbled in coding and found myself as a Web Developer. With more than two decades of experience, I learned plenty of technical skills. Building cost-effective website, is my forte. As proof, this blog costs less than $10 a year. That's right, I pay for the domain, everything else is free.

Interested? I can do the same setup for a reasonable fee. Contact me.


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  • Stuck In A Complicated Problem? You Need A Pencil!
    Ever heard of the high tech pen NASA got made for use in space? It supposedly cost millions of dollars to develop. The Russian cosmonauts meanwhile just use pencils. This was proven to be a myth. However, the lesson imparted is not lost. Sometimes when stuck in a complicated problem, it’s better to use common sense and practicality.
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