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As a web developer, meeting clients on the other side of the world is a problem. If the date and time are set in a different timezone from mine, it is important to know their equivalent in Philippine time. This is especially true during job interviews. Even if you’re just a minute late, that’s already a big turn off, and there’s a good chance of losing a potential client.

EveryTimeZone is a free online tool for scheduling meetings on a global scale. The interface displays all the major timezones in rows and the current local time as a vertical line in dark purple. To set a time, move the green local time and it will show the time in the other timezones. Get the link to share with the other members.

WorldChatClock is another visually awesome tool to use. Specify the city locations and it will show the current times.

SpaceTime.AM is a paid meeting scheduler. It provides a free account for unlimited team members.

Now that you know the local time and date, don’t be late. There’s also an option to notify participants by email, so they won’t be late either.

Booking or scheduling page is an important tool to set up appointments, meetings, etc. OnceHub is offering calendar, form and live chat integrated into their chat bot for free. Koalendar, Calendly, PickTime, Appointlet and Zeeg.Me are alternatives.

What’s your favorite desktop chat program? Mine is Pidgin. It is a multi-account chat program that allows you to communicate with friends on other networks such as MSN, Yahoo or Google Talk simultaneously. It supports a wide array of networks and can accommodate a lot more via plugins. It is equipped with basic features such as file transfers, away messages, buddy icons, custom smilies, and typing notifications. It is free and, best of all, it has no intrusive ads.

If you don’t mind ads, Skype is a good option. Aside from chat, they have a video call. It comes in handy when conducting or attending interviews or client meetings. Google Meet is also free and lasts up to 60 minutes. For the security-conscious, there’s Telegram. It boasts encrypted and, ala James Bond, self-destructing messages. It has mobile, desktop, and web versions. No subscription, free forever, and no ads. Both have online versions. Of similar mold is Signal. Don’t be limited by secure texts and media. Viber allows audio and video calls, voice and video messages, and lots more. Other secure and reliable options are WhatsApp, Line and Apache’s OpenMeetings.

Gruveo.Com touts itself as the world’s easiest video call service ever, and I agree. Calls are made online and you can make two types of calls: either a video call or just a voice call. Making calls involves a code that both parties agree on. To start the call, enter the code and just wait for the other person to enter the code on their end. It’s that easy, really. Jit.Si is also another online alternative.

There are lots of free online text messaging services, but most are just a front for mobile phone number harvesting. If you have used one of these websites, you’ll notice immediately that your phone is bombarded by spam text messages. These websites are also very difficult to use and not always reliable, some just don’t work.

I always love to create things cheaply. The thought of how much savings can be had pushes me to be done with it in earnest. A business card is handy, especially when you need a very important person to have your contact details but don’t have enough time to say it. You can simply hand in your card.

I’m using Free Business Card Star to design. It allows you to select from a wide number of templates. All of them are good, but I prefer the simple ones. After you enter your information, you can download the design in PDF format and then just print it.

Other options are Brother and Business Card Maker. With the latter, you can create your card all on one page!

Big brands like Adobe’s Spark Card Maker and Canva require registration.

As a web developer, I have my fair share of Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) signed. An NDA and other forms of contracts are essential in any business or profession. It is the type of paper that keeps the involved parties honest. Below are some sites that offer free legal documents and samples you can use.

FormSwift categorized the contracts and you can download them in Word or PDF format. The PDF form is editable and no sign up is needed.

UpCounsel has a searchable collection but requires registration to download. LegalTemplates and LawDepot also have searchable templates that can be customized via their document creator. You have to fill in some needed information before you can generate the contract.

PolicyMaker is a website or app privacy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer generator. The legalities of this site were generated from them.

Looking for a greeting card to print? T-shirt prints? Anything? Avery allows you to print designs and templates of address and shipping labels; specialty shapes; business cards, greeting cards; name badges and tags, fabric and t-shirt transfers; and so much more. You’ll have to visit their site to get the complete list of things you can print yourself for free. To print, select a product, edit the template, and download it in PDF format.

Want to print a website? As the name suggests, PrintFriendly prints a printer-friendly version of the website. PrintWhatYouLike prints web pages without the ads and other junk.

Want it 3D? No problem. PinShape has a huge collection of all sorts of 3D designs. The collection is grouped into toys & games, miniatures, home living, jewelry & fashion, gadgets, art, people & creatures, and more. These designs are shared by community members for free, although some are commercial.

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