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Don’t get mad because you’ve missed your favorite TV show or blockbuster movie. Instead, sit back, relax, and watch it online for free. Being a cheapskate, as much as possible, I avoid spending a single cent on films. For that reason, I scoured the web for hours and found quite a bunch of sites that offer free but high-quality movie and TV streaming. Some are ad-supported, but they are non-intrusive and laid out in good taste. Read the list below and enjoy!

Pluto TV is a mishmash of more than a hundred free channels, currently not available in the Philippines. If you want a bigger library, visit TubiTV and Plex.TV. On top of that, they have indies, documentaries, and some entries from the Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile, TopDocumentaryFilms offerings focus on indies and documentaries. They, too, have a long list to browse through. Like Asian movies? Viki is for you.

These sites claim to be 100% legal and safe to use. You won’t find Hollywood-caliber movies here, but they have an ample selection of classic, unique, and exotic films you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, you may stumble on a title you have never heard of and, after watching it, wonder why it is not shown in theaters.

For sports buffs, go to ESPN. For animes, try BiliBili.TV.

Instead of a monthly subscription to NetFlix, buy a voucher at CodaShop. This way you only spend when you need to watch, which may not be every month. Same goes with HBO Go. Did you know you can buy a voucher on the cheap using GoMo? The sim comes with 30 GB of data, plus it’s convertible to call and text. Order online and have it shipped for free for just 299 PHP. Using Mo Creds, you can exchange 7 GB of data for a voucher good for one month. It cost less than 100 PHP. Use my code, RICT3974 to get an extra 1 GB of data.

You’ll need media players to watch movies or listen to music, I personally use VLC and Kodi. My favorite movies: The Big Short, Margin Call, Wolf of Wall Street, 99 Homes, Too Big to Fail, Trading Places, Boiler Room, The Laundromat, Argo, Meet Joe Black, A Walk To Remember.

There are a bunch of desktop video converters out there, but I’m sure few could match what Adapter can offer. It is not an ordinary video converter. You don’t just convert from one video format to another, but from video to audio and even image file types. Yes, you read that right. You can extract songs and images with it. Adapter is 100% freeware, it has no ads and doesn’t add watermarks. You can use it with no limits or restrictions whatsoever.

Any Video Converter Free has batch processing and can directly extract and convert audio from any given video. The program can even download and convert YouTube and Google videos. SaveFrom.Net is an online YouTube downloader. Be careful if it redirects to another page on download.

Free HD Video Converter Factory can also download videos, but it is faster than all the others. Plus, it allows you to cut, crop, and add impressive special effects. HandBrake has one of the most expansive software packages for ripping and converting video files. It is also multi-platform with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

Videezy offers free stock videos.

Animoto and BiteAble are free online video makers. The free account comes with all the features and unlimited videos but with branding. Typito limits you to 4 watermarked videos per month, while HeadLiner is up to 5. Canva and Adobe Spark are free, but with limited features and with watermarks.

VideoPadOpenShotShotCut, Filmora and Microsoft’s Movie Maker are free desktop video editors. Google Web Designer can also edit videos aside from editing images and HTML5-based designed. Blender is a 3D creator but can also do video editing.

Convert videos to GIF using Zamzar and ConvertioVistaCreate has a converter optimized for the background option.

VideoSmaller is a very effective online video compressor, but limited to just 500 MB file size. Mux is an API-based video renderer.

To record screen on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, use Loom.

Everybody loves music, and most hum personal lyrics in their head. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had tools that enabled us to make our own melody into a real song? Well, stop dreaming. There are free online services that help you create and publish your own.

SoundCloud is a popular social audio platform. It is a good place to discover music and up-and-coming artists. You can record, upload, and share your music for free.

To jumpstart your musical career, use BandLab. It is a free cloud-based music studio that allows you to create music anywhere, anytime with anyone, regardless of whether you’re a pro or a noob dreaming of being a pro someday. Use it to refine your melody, then collaborate with others to further improve it.

No musical instruments of your own? No problem, do it virtually with AudioTool. It is a complete music production studio, so you can create music and collaborate purely online. They have a wide array of instruments, including Beatbox, and thousands of samples and presets to get you started. Who knows what you’ll come up with. LMMS is a desktop music composer.

Edit and record your audio with Audacity.

Dreaming of becoming a pianist? I have good news. There are websites that allow anyone to learn and play the piano online for free. HoffmanAcademy offers free piano lessons. It is named after its founder, Joseph Hoffman, who is a teacher, composer, and conductor. He came up with his own way of training, called the “Hoffman Method”. Based on this, he created a series of video piano lessons that he is now sharing on his website.

The lessons are conveniently classified into units up to 8. I can say the lessons are comprehensive yet explained in a very easy way, I’m sure even kids will love them. However, if you want to learn the complete materials, you’ll have to purchase them.

Flowkey provides 8 song tutorials and selected piano lessons completely free. What makes the service unique is the interactive feedback that detects whether you’re in step with the notes or not. Now that’s a very useful feature that helps you learn faster.

Have trouble sleeping? Trying to focus on studying? Did you know that rain can help you in both situations? OK, let’s get rid of the actual raindrops. The sound of rain alone does the trick, haha. But then again, it depends on how one reacts to it. Some get lulled to sleep, some gain concentration.

Rainy Mood boasts of being “the internet’s most popular rain experience”. According to them, “the sound of rain helps millions of people sleep, study, and relax.”  Of the same mold is Raining.FM, the rain is accompanied by thunder. It has dynamic image backgrounds too.

Another site to check out is Noisli. It is a background noise and background color generator. You can play different noises together to form your own unique sounds. Find out how the sounds of flowing water, bird chirps, and waves make you feel. A Soft Murmur is another similar site.

But why limit yourself to what you hear?

Endel is a good source of relaxing sounds. They have a scientific approach in generating personalized sound environments to help you focus, relax, and sleep. It is best enjoyed on mobile apps. MyNoise is also an alternative.

Taking it to another level is Lounge V, which provides relaxing sounds with videos of landscapes in stunning full HD detail.

Looking for alert, notification and sound effects for your project? SoundBible have a lot of free and Public Domain(CC0) collection. I like Banana Slap, Neck Snap, Punch or Whack, Slap and Pew Pew. MixKit, StreamLabs, Videvo and FreeSound are good alternative sources.

BitTorrents aka “torrents”, work by downloading small bits of files from many different web sources at the same time. Since it is easy and free to use, it has become the most popular form of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. To start downloading software, music, movies, and digital books, all you need is a torrent file and the client software.

A torrent file is a computer file with .torrent extension. It does not contain the actual content to be distributed but rather metadata holding various pieces of information, such as files and folders to be distributed. It also has a list of the network locations of trackers, which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution groups called swarms.

These files are downloaded from torrent sites. There are a lot of excellent sources such as KickAssTorrents(KAT), 337x and YTS with fewer ads and an easy to navigate design.

The .torrent information is used by a BitTorrent client like TixatiqBitTorrent, uTorrent and BitComet. These are free, lightweight, and ad-free. I personally use Tixati.

Better safe than sorry. Before downloading, learn how to spot a fake torrent.

Affiliate Disclosure: Post may contain links to affiliate websites, and we may receive a commission for any purchases or actions made by you on the websites using such links. Thank You.

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