Best Free Communication Tools

Best Free Communication Tools

What’s your favorite desktop chat program? Mine is Pidgin. It is a multi-account chat program that allows you to communicate with friends in other networks such as MSN, Yahoo or Google Talk simultaneously. It supports a wide array of networks and can accommodate a lot more via plugins. It is equipped with basic features such as file transfers, away messages, buddy icons, custom smilies, and typing notifications. It is free and best of all it has no intrusive ads.

If you don’t mind ads, Skype is a good option. Aside from chat, they have a video call. It comes in handy when conducting attending interviews or client meetings. Google Meet is also free, up to 60 minutes long. For the security conscious, there’s Telegram. It boasts of encrypted and ala James Bond self-destructing messages. It has mobile, desktop and web versions. No subscription, free forever, and no ads. Both have online versions. Don’t be limited by secure texts and media, Viber allows audio and video calls, voice, and video messages, and lots more. Other secure and reliable options are WhatsApp and Line.

Gruveo.Com touts itself as the world’s easiest video call service ever and I agree. Calls are made online and you can make two types of call, either a video call or just a voice call. Making calls involves a code which both parties agree on. To start the call, enter the code and just wait for the other person to enter the code on their end. It’s that easy really.

There are lots of free online text messaging services, but most are just a front for mobile phone number harvesting. If you have used one of such website, you’ll notice immediately that your phone is bombarded by spam text messages. These websites are also very difficult to use and not reliable, some just don’t work.

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