Best Free Email Tools and Tips

Best Free Email Tools and Tips

For personal email, I use the following ESP(Email Service Provider): Gmail is my favorite, but not far behind is Yahoo, Outlook, and Zoho. I have email accounts on each.

For business email, Zoho allows the use of custom domain email for free, good for up to 5 users with 5GB storage space. The paid plan starts at $1 per user. GSuite hosts your business email for $6/user. Yahoo Small Business charges $1.19 per mailbox for a maximum of 10 mailboxes. It comes with a free domain. Personally, I find Yahoo email slow, interface outdated, and the anti-spam quirky. LarkSuite is a free GSuite competitor. The email can connect to Gmail. They offer business email for free and the account comes with 500GB of space. Of concern is data security, even though the data resides in Singapore, the parent company is China-based ByteDance. Yandex Mail is Russia based.

Another practical option is using the web host’s webmail(Horde, SquirrelMail) and connecting it to your Gmail. Here’s how

If migrating from Gmail to cPanel’s webmail. Export email messages by selecting Gmail here. Using the Horde webmail application, import the .mbox file in a new folder. If SquirrelMail is the default, switch to Horde by logging in and replace the “/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/webmail.php” portion of the URL with “/horde/index.php” so it would look like this: “”. If the .mbox file is too large, split it using this.

Email marketing is a very effective way to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. Plus, it is useful for advertising and/or selling. There are 2 types of email sending services: Marketing and Transactional. 

Marketing email is used to send commercial or promotional content with the intent of generating income. It is strictly governed by local laws. The email is usually sent to a large number of people or subscribers. Used in newsletters. 

Transactional email, on the other hand, is one to one communication that usually belongs to a transaction or process. Used in e-commerce for sending the order confirmation, or for sending a security email notification.

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These services are pretty expensive, especially for startups. Luckily there are enterprise-grade platforms that offer free plans.

SendInBlue is a marketing email service that offers 300/day email sends to unlimited contacts. Integrate into WordPress easily with their plugin. It has SMTP feature, that can be used to enable websites and apps to send transactional emails.

Amazon SES allows 62,000 email sends/month, then charges $0.1 per 1,000 emails, which is cheap. Here are guides for quick set-up and creating SMTP credentials. Spare yourself the hassle and use WP Offload SES Lite plugin which integrates it easily with WordPress. After the setup, replace it with Post SMTP which has logging and fallback feature in case of sending failure. For fallback use SendInBlue. Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin has post notification in the free version.

BigMailer is a pay as you go email marketing service connected to an existing SES account. Send 2,000 emails per month to 1,000 contacts for free. It charges $1 per additional 1,000 contacts per month, this is on top of Amazon SES fees.

MuxEmail is another SES based email marketing platform, it charges just a fixed $19/month, regardless of the volume of email send and subscribers count. SES fees excluded. 

An alternative to SES is ElasticEmail, which charges $0.09/1,000 emails, IP is quite expensive though at $1 per day.

CRM service bundled with email marketing is a sensible offering. Mautic is an open-source marketing automation project. CRM, email marketing, and other channels included in the package. Free to download and self-host. Here’s an installation instruction in Ubuntu server, don’t forget to set up the cron jobs. If using cPanel, it is already part of Softaculous auto-installer. 

GroundHogg is a free CRM(Customer Relations Management) and email marketing WordPress plugin, it has “funnels” automation but no post notification. 

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AgileCRM is cheap, while Kajabi, PlatformlyKartra, and WishPond are pricey. Kajabi is suitable for websites that sell products and memberships. Platformly has an option to increase email sending by connecting to external SMTP providers. Kartra has an agency feature.

SuiteDash and TeamWave are CRM with a project management feature.

In case you need, BeeFree provides a free drag & drop HTML email editor with tons of templates. It’s responsive and no signup required. Another option is Topol.

Check for the “spammyness” of the email using Mail-Tester and GlockApp’s Inbox Insights.

Use email validation to reduce bounces. Check-Mail provides a generous 1,000 validation requests per month for free. Requires RapidAPI account and credit card details. For 50,000 validations, here are some cheap pay as you go providers: GamaLogic charges $60, MailMule $72, TheChecker for $79, and Bouncer $100. However, if you go higher MailMule is the most practical choice as it will only cost $135 for 250,000 requests!

When doing email marketing, its handy to include an email whitelist instruction link. Here’s a tool to create one for free.

I am in a situation where I need to use a disposable email address. It is an effective protection against spam. As a Web Developer, I use it for testing registration forms, etc. There are lots of free services out there, but I’ve found out that most have serious bugs. One site doesn’t render the full message and in another service, the links in the message don’t work.

A further search led me to two ad-free services. FakeMailGenerator is very straightforward, upon visiting, it immediately generates an email address. You can specify your own, coupled with a variety of domain selection to choose from.

MailDrop suggests easy to read and editable addresses. But, the email address is limited to their domain. Yet, it offers a much-needed security feature. It generates an alias email together with the suggested one. The alias inbox is hidden from the public and only you can access it using the original email. Great right?

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EmailOnDeck is another site to try out since it renders the messages properly. The downside is the extra step. Also, there’s an exit pop-up ad. Other than these, it’s an exceptional service.

An important step is to secure the domain emails, so its use is exclusive to the domain owner only and prevents “spoofing“. This can be achieved by implementing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. EasyDMARC provides lots of tools to analyze and create SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Another option is DMARCIAN.

PostMark a purely transactional email service, provides free DMARC reporting tool. It emails a weekly digest that’s very easy to understand and troubleshoot. ValiMail is also offering free DMARC reporting for Microsft Office 365.

To check if the email address passes the various sender authentication mechanisms like the SPF, “iprev” and DKIM, send an email to It will reply with results.

Google PostMaster shows Gmail delivery errors, spam reports, feedback loop, and more.

If the email goes to spam, check the domain’s IP at DNSBL if its blacklisted. If it is, request removal hereMultiRBL is a free multiple DNSBL(DNS BlackList or RBL) lookup and FCrDNS(Forward Confirmed Reverse DNS or IPRev) check tool. 

To protect email forms from spam bots, use hCaptcha, they pay you for using it. What’s better than a captcha? No captcha, haha. WeHateCaptchas doesn’t show any captcha at all. For Infusionsoft forms, SpamKill is a paid service but quite effective.

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