Best Free Social Sharing, Notification and Pop-Up Tools

In the age of social networks, you don’t want your website to be left behind. Social share button, notification and pop-up widgets are effective in gaining more traffic, it enables your content to go viral. Some social sharing sites offer much more than just the widget. Check out some of the best below.

Social9 is the easiest and fastest widget to integrate ever. To create, select your site framework. In my case, I’ve chosen “Code your own, that’s because I’m a Web Developer, haha.

Then specify the widget’s orientation, either horizontal or vertical and finally, check on the social networks you want. Don’t be fooled by the limited number of choices, once it shows up on your site, more options are available. Follow the instructions on how to integrate the generated codes. Just like that, your website becomes social. The widget is responsive and there’s no need to register, and it’s free. They also offer email capture popup, URL shortener, comment, and scheduler (limited to Twitter).

AddToAny is another basic service of the same mold. AddToAny Share Buttons is their WordPress plugin

While ShareThis provide more design customization, registration required. Aside from share buttons, they are providing follow and reaction buttons. They also have a consent management platform for cookies and a privacy-policy generator.

ZotaBox offers forever free social buttons and social mobile bar widgets. That’s not all, in total, they are giving away 10 fully loaded tools to help increase sales and subscribers. Aside from the social buttons, the Facebook live chat and contact form are also useful. Slide box, notification box, and promo bar are for link promotion, the easy popup is especially beautiful. Don’t forget to check out the back to the top, EU cookie notification and testimonial widgets, you might need them too. The Free plan, however, is limited to only 1,000 views/month. Of the same mold is HelloBar with a higher 5,000 monthly views limit.

If you like ZotaBox, then I’m sure Shareaholic is going to blow you away. They are a content amplification software. For whatever that means, personally, they are a service on steroids!

They bundled the social share, follow buttons, related content, content analysis and promotion tools in one account. They also have a URL shortener and cookie consent prompt. But what makes them different is the option to monetize your site. You can choose between anchor, native and video ads. If interested, there is an auto affiliate link. If you are using the related content, it sneakily adds product recommendations. Some may not like monetization, but to me, this is heaven sent. I have trouble getting approved as publisher by ad networks, and this solves the problem. But, they aren’t clear about the revenue sharing percentage. Their WordPress plugin is here.

There are lots of instances in web development where popups are needed. To display an enlarged version of an image or an exit popup are few examples. It looks simple, but it is actually one tough task to work on. Integration in existing design and layout is challenging. It must be able to evade popup blockers, on top of cross-browser and device compatibility issues.

Exit popup is a popular and effective tool for milking the most out of a visitor that is leaving your site. It pops up when they’re about to close the tab or browser, always catching their attention. Read the HTML and JavaScript Tools post.

To implement an exit intent popup that is integrated with third-party services, avail of MailMunch or Privy. I use MailMunch for my subscription and contacts are sync to MailChimp.

If using WordPress, Hustle is a very versatile plugin, I’m sure you have seen it in action on this page, haha.

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