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Stuck In A Complicated Problem? You Need A Pencil!

Ever heard of the high tech pen NASA got made for use in space? It supposedly cost millions of dollars to develop. The Russian cosmonauts meanwhile just use pencils. This was proven to be a myth. However, the lesson imparted is not lost. Sometimes when stuck in a complicated problem, it’s better to use common sense and practicality.

Living Off The Grid and Raising Backyard Chickens

Dreaming of an off-the-grid life? If yes, then OffGridWorld is paradise found. It has the latest information about living off the grid, sustainable living, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects and more. The majority of the world’s poor still have no electricity, and they use charcoal or kerosene for lighting. Some innovative …

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Best Free Happiness Resources

Everybody wants to be happy. And you can’t be happy without understanding what happiness is. It is defined as “the state of being happy”. But what is being happy? Well, that depends on the person. What makes one happy doesn’t apply to the other. Anyway, there are sites that specifically cater to studying and spreading …

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Best Practical Home Cooling Ideas

It’s summer and it’s scorching hot outside and inside my rented house! It’s an irony that modern Philippine house designs aren’t suited for the tropical climate. They look good outside, but inside it’s a heat trap. To remedy this, some homeowners install air conditioners. But this is not a practical solution to many as electricity …

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Best Products and Life Hacks

Since I was a teenager, I grappled with combination skin. I’ve been jumping from one soap to another, but I couldn’t find one that I could use for long periods of time. That was the case until I came across the Cleansing Bar by Human Nature. After using it, I noticed the good effects immediately. …

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